Wir suchen einen neuen Beatboxer-Tenor mit folgendem Profil:

- Lust auf kreative und intensive musikalische Arbeit in der Gruppe
- Zeit für regelmäßige Proben in Hannover
- Beatbox-Skills
- ..und gerne ebenfalls in der Tenorlage zu Hause

In den vergangenen zwei Jahren hatten wir zahlreiche Konzerte im In- und Ausland (unter anderem auf Zypern und in Österreich), haben Musikvideos gedreht (youtube, str8voices), den ersten Preis beim Deutschen Chorwettbewerb in Weimar sowie den zweiten Platz beim internationalen A-Cappella-Wettbewerb Vokal Total in Graz belegt. Vergleichbare Projekte planen wir auch für die kommenden Jahre.

Wenn du dich angesprochen fühlst oder an Freunde/Bekannte denken musst, freuen wir uns über Weiterleitung oder direkte Rückmeldung an info@str8voices.com. Gerne mit einem kurzen Video, das Einblick in deine musikalischen Fähigkeiten gibt (:

Wir freuen uns, von dir zu hören! 



We are searching for a new beatboxer-tenor with the following profile:

- interested in creative and intense musical work within a group
- time for regular rehearsals in Hanover
- Beatbox-skills
- …and likely you are as well comfortable singing as a tenor

In the past two years we had numerous concerts, both national and international (e.g. Cyprus and Austria). We made music-videos (youtube, str8voices), won the first price at the German a-cappella-competition in Weimar and also the second price at the international a-cappella-competition Vokal Total in Graz/Austria. We plan comparable projects for the following years.

If you feel addressed or spontaneously think about friends regarding our call, we would be happy if you share this post or contact us here: info@str8voices.com. We would be pleased to receive a short video that shows your musical talent (:

We are looking forward to hear from you!


Breaking news: The str8voices line-up is changing!

Our valued tenor, beatboxer and friend Achim Rust will leave the group at the end of 2016. He will spend more time for his solo career as a singer, instrumentalist and songwriter and also for his new project: his own recording studio, yeah! Even though we're sad about his departure, we appreciate his decision and fondly look back to our wonderful and unforgettable moments together. Just to name a few: the concert tour to Cyprus and the German choir competition in Weimar in 2014, 3 fabulous video shootings and our last trip to Graz/Austria as a participant of vokal total.
We'll also look back at those precious memories from our concerts, rehearsals and of course all the good times we've had together!
Achim: we want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for all those inspiring moments, unforgettable evenings on and off stage. We thank you for your tireless effort to push us to be better! We'll miss your creativity, your groove and your perfectionism.
May the force be with you;)

Yours str8voices

Ward Swingle Award in silver - second price - in the pop category!

We feel so happy about the last week in Graz where we met so much wonderful a cappella groups at vocal.total 2016 and won the silver Ward Swingle Award - second price - in the pop category, a special price for the most creative arrangement and performance and a gold diploma!

Now we will have a month of summer break and some rest!


Unsere CDs erhaltet ihr direkt über uns (info@str8voices.com).

Die Weihnachts-CD "Es ist mal wieder so weit..." kostet 12€, zuzügl. Versandkosten, die "All in" kostet 15€, zuzügl. Versandkosten.

Sheet music - Hobbit!

Present for our fans!

Since the release of our Hobbit-video on youtube we have been asked constantly for the sheet music of our arrangement of “Far over the misty mountains cold”. We now finalized a version for choir and want to share it with you! If interested just write an email to info@remove-this.str8voices.com .

We are very excited to hear or see the results of your choir or group singing it!
Please note that you might get into trouble if you have women singing it… Let´s see who wins more offensive comments by hardcore-Hobbit Fans ;-)

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